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Lamu - Unesco World Heritage Site

Lamu Old Town

Lamu town dates back to the 7th century and in 2001 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Expect to see narrow walkways and old multiple-story buildings made from local materials such as dead coral. Administration, banking services, health centers, a variety of restaurants, a food market, internet cafe’s and meeting places exist in the town.

Shela Village

Shela is a village south of the old town. The village is famous for the untouched dune ecosystem on the 14 km long beach. For those seeking relaxation, total peace of mind and a stay next to the beach, Shela village is the best choice.


As Kenya’s oldest living town, Lamu has a rich and colorful history. The town is one of the many original Swahili settlements that stretched from Somalia to Mozambique.

The Beach

Lamu has one of the best natural sand beaches in East Africa. The beach in Shela village is clean and safe for swimming. It is a good spot for picnic and beach parties.

Getting To Lamu

There are several ways of getting to Lamu depending on your budget and interest: by road, by plane, by boat.


Money exchange and transfers, local currency and atm services are available in Lamu.


To experience Swahili food is to taste the history of the east coast of Africa. Over the centuries Swahili cuisine emerged as a colourful mix of the best of African, Arabian and Asian flavours…...!


Every Saturdays and Sundays. Catholic church is right at the Lamu Jetty while the others are at the back of the stone town. There is no church in Shela village.


English and Kiswahili are the main languages in Lamu. Most people speak English but not many people will be comfortable to throw a conversation in English for a prolonged amount of time. You can make a lot of good friends if you can speak in kiswahili.


Lamu is general hot with TEMP ranging from 23 – 40. You won’t need heavy clothes. kikoy and anything loose is all you need. For shoes, consider open ones. Most activities in Lamu are water based.

Power Supply

Lamu is powered by KENGEN generators which were upgraded recently. The power supply is now stable and better than before. No problem with cooling anymore.

Lamu is supplied with 240 volts AC. The plug in use throughout Kenya is of the three square – pin, 13 – amp type.

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