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Kenya Shilling (Kshs)

Currency Regulations

There are no restrictions on the movement of currency into or out of Kenya for currency transactions.


Kenya Commercial Bank, Gulf African Bank, ABC Bank, DTB Bank and Equity Bank are the banks in operating in Lamu Island. All of them can be found along the seafront in Lamu old town

ATM Quick Service

24-hour service at both banks accept most international credit cards.
Please Note: ATM service is available in Shela village at Baitil Aman building opposite Jannataan hotel. Always make sure you have some small cash. Sometimes the ATM machine is out of service.

What to do in case you loose ATM card

Report to the card centre P.O Box 58233 – 00200 Nairobi or Call 020 3749091/53/38. Fax N0. 3749071 or report to the nearest branch of the bank. Account detail will be required for security and verification

Money Transfers – Western Union

Incase of any emergency, this is the fastest and safest way to send and receive money and charges almost the same rates as the bank to bank transactions.

Transaction Requirements

  • Test Question is a must for Kenyan transactions
  • Receiver must be 18 years old to collect money.
  • After approval, your money arrives in minutes.
  • Your receivers can pick up the money right away.

Agent locations – Kenya Commercial Bank.

Money Transfer within East Africa

M-Pesa & Zap Mobile Money Transfer

These are both money transfers offered by 2 major mobile service providers Safaricom and Zain respectively. The services are readily available countrywide.

Transaction Requirements

  • Transactions within East Africa only
  • One has to be a registered member
  • Need an agent in your area
  • Vartual account for upto Ksh 50,000/-
  • Registration is Free
  • ID, Passport or Driving License

M-Pesa Agent in Lamu – along the seafront next to Palace Hotel. The office is open seven days in a week from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Money De Change

You can exchange money from the following joints with recommendable rates:

  • Kenya Commercial Bank in Lamu town,
  • Gulf African Bank,
  • Peponi Hotel,
  • Aalyshah Designs in Shela village,
  • Bajuberi in Lamu town.

Rates differ from place to place.

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