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Lamu Environment

Major Tourist Attraction

Lamu is a unique historical area with great natural beauty and resources. For years tourists have flocked into Lamu to experience its amazing ancient culture and of course the peace and quiet atmosphere that has given the island its charm.

Pollution Free!

No car, no traffic culture is because of the way the town was built, with the streets so narrow and close. It is impossible to alter the town plan to make way for cars since the architecture gave Lamu its world heritage status.

The island has only 2 registered cars; the District commissioner’s personal saloon and the land rover, both of which are government owned. This has been the case for many years until today. However there now can be seen several motor cycles and the latest addition of a Tuk-tuk (a 3 wheeled truck) which is used as an ambulance.


Over the past few years the effect of modern living has evidently taken its toll. Poor water sanitation in Lamu town itself and an insufficient garbage collection system has been eating away at the beauty of this area.

The community has maintained the no car policy despite pressure for progress, there is a realization of the uniqueness of the Lamu life that has been lost in so many other places on the coast. Let us just hope that Lamu will continue to be traffic free and preserve its unique way of life.

Shela Cleaning Project

In Shela village the SERG campaign has engaged the local community to clean up the environment, educating in the community and schools. The positive effect can be seen in the village, there is still a lot to be done but this is a step in preserving the historical beauty of this place.

Lamcop – Marine life conservation

Carole Korshen has been running a Turtle project at Peponi Hotel since 1992. The project began with the translocation of a turtle nest to the hotel grounds for protection, by David Olendo, a Kenyan authority on turtles. Since then the project has been growing.

Through the assistance of other NGO’s such as KESCOM (Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee) and in partnership with government agencies, the project has been dealing with marine life issues in the Lamu archipelago. Adopt a Turtle Nest for US$40 or Adotp a Turtle for US$20.

The project greatly appreciates any contributions that will help assist our marine conservation efforts. Tax deductible donations can be made through Tusk, Charity Aid Foundations U.K. Reg. 803118.

Lamu Donkey Sanctuary

Donkeys are the main form of transportation in Lamu Town and Shela village; an estimated 2,200 donkeys are used for farming, to carry materials and provisions.

However the treatment of these hardworking animals has caused great concern. This has led to the establishment of the Donkey sanctuary in July 1987, situated in the northern part of Lamu; it offers free veterinary services to donkey owners and even a donkey ambulance.

The Sanctuary has contributed immensely to the better health of the donkeys; you have the chance to see how well donkeys are treated as visitors are welcomed Monday – Saturday.

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