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Curio, Textile & Local Fine Art

No Shopping Malls but most of these places will meet your requirements!

Gallery Shops

MyEye and Baraka are the only Galleries in Lamu. MyEye gallery is in Shela village with the main shop opposite Kisimani House and has a sales point at Pwani guest house. Almost all MyEye products are local made by local Artists in Shela. You can also find its work on display at the Lamu fort Museum. Baraka gallery is in Lamu town along the main street next to AirKenya booking office. . Expect a wide range of products from Kenya and the neighboring countries. In both places Visa & Credit Card is accepted

Kikoy, Sandals & Curio Shops

There are few more good stores selling similar products in both Lamu and Shela village. The same kikoy has different prices in different stores depending on the type of store. We ask you to look around and compare prices. Most tuorists recommend the following stores:

Aman Shop(Shela)

Aman boutique has an exclusive collection of fine clothing, accessories and other one – offs. Here you can experience the Lamu boho style. Credit & Visa card accepted

Aalyshah Designs(Shela)

It has a comprehensive range of beads, clothing, sandals, beach wear, curio and Kikoys. A good place to buy presents for your friends and family. The supply here is both Wholesale and Retail. The shop is located behind Pwani guest house

Lamu Furniture

Lamu is famous for its wood carving and the fine finish of the swahili furniture.You can also use your own design and create your own bespoke furniture. Lamu Holiday Solutions can arrange packaging and shipment.

Masai Market

Open everyday as from 7:30 AM. It is located along the seafront next to Civil Servants. Variety of products to buy and the price is negotiable.

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