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The Shela Beach In Lamu Island

Lamu has one of the best beaches in East Africa 14km long streching from Shela village to Kipungani village. The beach starts from Peponi hotel. Therefore we refer the beach to Peponi hotel.


You can get to Shela beach either by boat or walking. Walking takes about half an hour from Lamu town. Take something to drink on the way. There are no shops to buy drinks between the district hospital and Shela village.

Safety and Security Around The Beach

  • Do NOT carry any valuables when walking on the beach; be careful with your cameras. Keep a close eye on your stuff while swimming. If possible leave your valuables in your hotel room or safe.
  • If all you need is a swim, do NOT venture beyond the fort in Shela unaccompanied.
  • Avoid throwing garbage in the sea. This kills the beauty and nature of our beach.
  • When walking to Kipungani, it is advisable to have at least one local with you. That way he or she can help identify anything suspicious.
  • There are 5 Masai men manning the beach as from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM everyday, Incase of any problem report to the Sand Dollar Kayak staff for immediate response.

Enjoy the sunny beach! The water is very nice and warm; there are NO SHARKS or other threatening animals.

Food and Drinks

Buy your food and drinks from the village hotels and cafes, village shops also sell an array of foodstuffs. Buy cold drinks from Peponi Hotel. A cold beer goes for Ksh 220/-. There is a guy selling samosa but he is not reliable. Sometimes he does not show up so its better to bring some snacks.

Dressing Along The Beach

On the beach you can dress any way you want. There is a small lagoon called naked beach. Feel free to expose your body because not many people go there. It’s on the front of the Shela castle.

Fitness – Long Walks

Some visitors opt to do the long walk from Shela to Kipungani (about 2hrs). While it is a safe and pleasant route, there are several things to bear in mind before you embark on such an adventure: There is no proper shade on the way and the sun is very scorching, consider taking a local companion just in case anything happens. Remember to bring sun lotion as you might burn. Last but not least, you should be physical FIT.

FullMoon Beach Party

The party happens at the Shela public beach. Normally, guys play traditional drums (Chakacha) but they get tired after a few hours. We have a small music system environmental friendly which is portable and easy to assemble. There is always a small bar with guys selling beer at Ksh 200/-. The same venue can be used for private beach parties such as birthdays.

Please feel free to introduce your favorite music to such parties. Our music system works with iPod. Good security is provided for all tourists coming to the party. Bongo flavas (local artists), Reggae and hiphop are very popular here.

NOTE: Avoid Drinking alcohol and Swimming as it can be dangerous.

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