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Lamu Guided Tours

The reason why we promote Guided tours in Lamu is to preserve the old local knowledge of the town and its history as its passed from generation to generation. As promoters we want to train the new generation of tour Guides and keep them motivated to offer high standard services. Therefore by buying this service, you help us make it happen.

There are numerous sights in and around Lamu worth exploring. The architecture of the houses and buildings is especially unique. Most buildings date back to the 18th century or before and are constructed out of local materials including coral-rag blocks for the walls, wooden floors supported by mangrove poles, makuti roofs, and intricately carved shutters for windows.

Enjoy the friendly services offered by our tour guides; they are well trained to tell you the exciting history of Lamu from traditional times through recent modernization.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Guided Tour

The tour is to include: Lamu Fort, Swahili House Museum & Lamu Museum, Lamu Market, Germany post office ( the first post office in Lamu), Furniture stores, Kikoy Stores, Art galleries and the Donkey Sanctuary.

From Shela village

1. 2 People KES 3000
2. 3 People KES 4000
3. 4 People KES 4500
4. 5 People KES 5000
5. 6 People KES 5500
6. 7 People KES 6000
7. 8 People KES 6500
8. 9 People KES 7000
9. 10 People KES 8000

Guide and return boat transfer is included

From Lamu Town

1. 2 People KES 2000
2. 3 People KES 2700
3. 4 People KES 3000
4. 5 People KES 4000
5. 6 People KES 4000
6. 7 People KES 5000
7. 8 People KES 5000
8. 9 People KES 6000
9. 10 People KES 7000

No boat transfer is required

See Lamu Heritage at Night

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